Le CTh 3,7,2 et les mariages mextes

Obrodina László
Le CTh 3,7,2 et les mariages mextes.
[Thesis] (Unpublished)

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Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral thesis (PhD))
Creators: Obrodina László
Hungarian title: A CTh 3,7,2 és a vegyes házasságok
Position, academic title, institution
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Berardino Angelo Di
Subjects: 06. Humanities > 06.02. Languages and Literature > 06.02.03. General literature studies
Divisions: Doctoral School of Literary and Cultural Studies > Doctoral School of Literary Studies (1994-2020)
Discipline: Humanities > Literary and Cultural Studies
Language: French
Date: 2006
Item ID: 488
Date Deposited: 2010. May. 10. 11:39
Last Modified: 2022. Oct. 13. 14:46
URI: https://doktori.bibl.u-szeged.hu/id/eprint/488
Defence/Citable status: Defended.

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