Identification & functional characterization of the Arabidopsis ZINC FINGER PROTEIN 3

Joseph Mary Prathiba
Identification & functional characterization of the Arabidopsis ZINC FINGER PROTEIN 3.
Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Szeged.
(2014) (Unpublished)

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Abscisic acid regulates numerous processes such as seed desiccation, germination and responses to drought. Controlled cDNA Overexpression System (Papdi 2008) was employed to identify novel genes coding for important factors controlling ABA regulation. Screening for ABA insensitive germination of the transgenic plant population, transformed with the COS library, lead to the of identification several stress regulatory genes. Most pronounced Estradiol dependent ABA insenstitive germination was detected in A26 or A44 lines carrying either the full-length cDNAs, the small heat-shock protein HSP17.6A-cII (Papdi 2008) or a previously uncharacterized zinc-finger domain containing transcription factor protein. We have shown that ZFP3, a nuclear C2H2 zinc finger protein acts as a negative regulator of ABA- suppressed germination. Accordingly, regulated over-expression of ZFP3 and the closely related ZFP1, ZFP4, ZFP6 and ZFP7 zinc finger factors confers ABA insensitivity to seed germination while the zfp3 zfp4 double mutant displays enhanced ABA susceptibility. Reduced expression of several ABA-induced genes, such as RAB18 and ABI4 in ZFP3ox seedlings suggests that ZFP3 negatively regulates ABA signaling. ZFP3ox plants showed multiple phenotypic alterations, such as semidwarf growth habit, defects in fertility and enhanced sensitivity of hypocotyl elongation to red but not to far-red or blue light. Analysis of genetic interactions between phytochrome and abi mutants indicates that ZFP3 enhances red light signaling by photoreceptors other than phyA, and additively increases ABA insensitivity conferred by the abi2, abi4 and abi5 mutations. These data support the conclusion that ZFP3 and other members of the ZFP subfamily regulate light and ABA responses during germination and early seedling development.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral thesis (PhD))
Creators: Joseph Mary Prathiba
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Szabados László
tudományos tanácsadó, MTA SZBK Növénybiológiai Intézet
Subjects: 01. Natural sciences > 01.06. Biological sciences
Divisions: Doctoral School of Biology
Discipline: Natural Sciences > Biology
Language: English
Date: 2014. November 18.
Item ID: 2339
MTMT identifier of the thesis: 2781146
Date Deposited: 2014. Sep. 08. 09:17
Last Modified: 2020. Apr. 08. 16:03
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